Cafes Customs External Breather Kit - Harley Air Cleaner Elements

Cafes Customs External Breather Kit & Replacement Air Filters 

*For Tack Use Only.


This kit is Designed to work with S&S Cycle Stealth Air Cleaner kits.  (All items could also potentially work with Fuel Moto AC/DC Stage 1 Air cleaner kit & Chris Rivas Rocket Cams Air Filter Kits )

-Designed to keep the Intake air temps cooler

-Helps keep the Throttle body Cleaner

-Improved performance to your motorcycle

 -Tubing is precut to length for easy install

-Hardware included


---Add on items that you could benefit from...

-Vent Tube Filter kit 

-Fresh Replacement S&S Cycle Air filter. Available in Standard and oversized +1" Options

-Pre-Filter / Rain Sock available - Standard & oversized +1"