CC- Floorboard Spacer Kit - Harley-Davidson Touring Models

Cafes Customs Floorboard Spacer Kit - Touring Models 

*Designed for Harley-Davidson Touring models (2009 - 2023 Model years)

-These kits come complete with new hardware

-Add comfort to your riding experience with this kit. Relieves pressure off your hips and helps get your knees off the fuel tank. This will place the floorboard under your foot instead of the outer edge of your foot hanging off the floor board  

-Adds clearance to Exhaust / Right Side Floor board spacing. In most cases the right side floorboard if often very close and in some aftermarket combination of parts, there can be contact of expensive parts. This kit will provide ample clearance as well as help the rider avoid Boot Burn those the exhaust system.

-Adds Clearance to Left side /  Primary cover. Makes it easier to clean the primary cover as well as more from the toe shifter.

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