Cafes Customs Signature Hi Flo Intake kits

Cafes Customs Signature Hi Flo Intake Kits -  For Twin Cam & M8 Engines

Designed by a Rider for a Rider


CC- Hi Flo Intake Kits are designed to be tough!

-They come with a Hi Flo double filter element to insure your throttle body stays clean. This makes for a better riding experience in-between regular service intervals. The outer layer is also intend as a rain sock to protect against the elements. 

CC- Hi Flo Intake Kits offer proven performance.

-Dyno Tested, these CC- Hi Flo kits offer excellent attributes to any size motor from an 88" to 132" Harley Motors. These kits use an exclusive In-House CC-External Breather kit (intended for race use only) to allow a clean and constant intake charge. 

CC- Hi Flo Intake Kits Look Bad ASS!!

Not only are CC- Intake kits Tough AF and Maximize your Harley - Davidson engine to its full potential. These Kits offer excellent style points to your motorcycle. Available in a Slim or Oversized filter kit as well as several different styles air cleaner covers. Each air cleaner cover gets a CC-12pt cover screw.


*These kits are assembled per order and ships within 1-5 days of ordering

*These kits are designed to fit stock size throttle bodies.

*If you have a Non-Stock size throttle body....Please email us for a fitment check.