Dark Horse Man O' War Flywheel 4 3/8" 2007-2016 A Model

MAN O’WAR Signature Series Crankshaft 

2007-2016 Alpha TwinCam Harley-Davidson® models

Your ROCK SOLID Foundation

Darkhorse Crankworks, has long been regarded as producing the strongest foundations for all Harley-Davidson® performance engines. In 2015 Darkhorse released the Man O-War crankshaft that allows you to put even more HP to the road without concerns associated with OEM crankshafts in performance motor builds.

The Man O-War Signature 4-3/8” stroke A-model is a true “custom built” crankshaft with our Chromoly Competition ConnRod, crankpin & bearing kit balanced to 103” - 117” full width wristpin piston kits of 1035gr (+/- 20 grams)  in total weight.  We utilize focused & engineered balance factors from our vast library of engine dynamics allowing you to install a wide variety of components with this crankshaft..

Premium Built Crankshafts

Stronger than OEM, Man O-War crankshafts are made of “hot-forged” 4140 / heat treated material and precision machined according to our exclusive specs while utilizing integral forged shafts.  When coupled with our Pro-plug system & welded, it is absolutely the strongest flywheel system on the market today!

Our full-top Chromoly Competition ConnRod, crankpin and bearing kit is what we utilize in all of our premium built crankshafts and comes as standard equipment in this Man O-War crankshaft.

This crankshaft is Darkhorse certified to run gear drive camshafts.   

*Man O-War crankshafts come prepared for use in Timken® left side main bearings, with the addition of optional sprocketshaft bearing race will fit into OEM style main bearings. 

*Darkhorse Crankworks can provide quality, professional machineshop engine building services and products by simply filling out service forms found at www.darkhorsecrankworks.com or contact our technical sales team at 920.726.9999

Competition Driven withstanding the test of time & torque 

2-year, unlimited mileage limited liability warranty.

Please note that we will need 20 business days, after order is placed, to have this product ready to ship.