Dark Horse Man O War Sprocketshaft Run-Out Tool

Darkhorse Crankworks, World renowned & long regarded as the leaders in remanufacturing of Harley-Davidson ® crankshafts recognizes the important dynamics the sprocketshaft plays in relationship to the overall conditions of 07’-later crankshafts and drivetrains.

Since gear driven camshafts, the entire industry has paid close attention to the “Total indicated Run-out” of pinionshafts, but that # is only ½ of the equation when it comes to a solid foundation to performance motor builds in 2007-Later Harley-Davidsons ® 

This simple tool allows technicians to accurately measure sprocketshaft Total indicated Run-out as it relates to motor sprockets.

*Note - The OEM “Sprocket Retainer” as shown in picture is not included, but the packaging is fitted for it if a technician would like to designate one for continued use.