Dark Horse New Milwaukee 8® “Darkhorse M8-128” Stroker Crankshaft

New Milwaukee 8® “Darkhorse M8-128” Stroker Crankshaft

The “Darkhorse M8-128” crankshaft is the culmination of everything we have engineered since the release of the Milwaukee 8® platform in 2017.  Our partnership with CP/CARRILLO gave Darkhorse the lead in the engineering & manufacturing of the strongest Milwaukee 8® crankshaft on the market today and now you have access to a complete combo in this new crankshaft assembly.  

Utilizing CP/CARRILLO ConnRods and the CVO 4.5” wheelset, balanced & blueprinted to delete the counterbalancers in a 128” combo with the S&S piston/cylinder kit (S&S #310-1101 thru #310-1110)  from Darkhorse Crankworks (or similar piston configuration) you have the true foundation to many motor builds well North of 150 RWHP & Torque.  Add your choice of cam, headwork and throttlebody and your build is complete!

*Any H-D® piston kit will need to be clearanced for the full complement small end of a CP/CARRILLO ConnRod

*Options including the Darkhorse “Pro-Edge & Drill Window” to lighten the flywheels or Timken upgrades to crankcases can be added to orders - please contact sales@darkhorsecrankworks.com or call 920.726.999 to discuss options.

Retail $2099.00  

Please note that we will need 20 business days, after order is placed, to have this product ready to ship.