Fueling High-Load Valve Springs for Twin Cam Screamin Eagle Heads

  • Made from high premium stress-relieved conical ovate wire with nitride surface heat treatment, shot-peened surface enhancements and Nano Peen polish.
  • Feature extremely high level of fatigue life
  • Use a much smaller and lighter weight retainer to reduce valve weight and create quicker rev and smoother motion
  • Designed to handle the highest demands of performance engines with high-lift, steep-ramped camshafts
  • Allow up to .750" lift cams: no rocker. box clearance required
  • Available for 5/16" and 7MM valves
  • Kit includes High-Load GBeeHive valve springs, lightweight 10" Titanium retainers manufactured from T-17alloy and micro-polished for enhanced fatigue life, machined heat-treated chromoly spring seats, seat shims, valve locks and a set of premium Viton valve seals equipped with spring-loaded valve stem wiper system.