Cafes Customs - Exhaust Bracket Spacer Kits

CC- Spacer Kits for Harley-Davidson AfterMarket Exhaust Brackets.


These Cafes Customs kits are designed to space the exhaust bracket off the transmission case. This can greatly help with exhaust pipe to swing arm clearances when running tall rear suspension on Touring & Dyna models. Proper Exhaust spacing is very important for the longevity of exhaust components. Proper spacing of the exhaust also has a direct impact to get a proper alignment on your motorcycle.  

Also, Rear brake master cylinder clearance of Dyna Models.

Along with better clearance on Transmission Side covers & Cam covers

Kits are set up for a 2 or 3 Bolt Exhaust mounting brackets.

We have used these kits with many different brands of exhaust. 


5/16"  or   3/8" Thick spacers kit options

2 or 3 bolt kit options 


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