PC Racing - Flo Oil Filter


PC Racing - Flo Oil Filter 

Cafes Customs has been using and recommending these filters for almost a decade.

Flo Filters have proven them self to be an asset to your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

These filters work so well that they are now being used by the Harley Davidson Factory Race Teams.

3- Different color options



  • Provides 10 degrees of cooling power
  • Consistent filtering across the entire surface
  • Flows 7 times more than paper or synthetic filters while filtering to 35 microns (absolute, 1 pass test)
  • Unaffected by water, heat or pressure
  • Bypass valve will not open on cold startups and high RPM
  • Built-in 17 mm hex nut for easy removal
  • Easily cleaned and reused, paying for itself